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Highpar Lights founders - Brian and Chanttelle in a grow room lit with HLG fixtures

Brian and Chantelle are the co-founders of Highpar Lights.  They are also involved with a Licensed micro Cultivator called Into the weeds.  They have had a lot of success using HLG fixtures in their own grows and are looking forward to be able to spread that success to others by distributing HLG products to others.

Highpar Lights is able to supply retailers and commercial facilities as well as directly to customers.  If you have a commercial operation or store, please contact us for information on pricing.

The company is able to handle all Canadian Warranty work to help ensure the fastest turn around possible to customers who are in need of help.

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Brian and Chanttelle


HLG Recently did a feature about us,  we felt that they were very nice in their description.  It can be found here:


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In honor of Thanksgiving Day in Canada, our store feature will be coming to you from some of our friendliest neighbors to the North. Husband & wife duo Brian & Chanttelle Rusk are the creators of @highpar_lights and together, have built what is quickly becoming one of the most sought after LED lighting distributors in Canada. While this dynamic duo, (now a trio with their beloved little Oliver), have their businesses operating at a high capacity, the path that led them there was certainly not without its obstacles.

During the course of their relationship, Chanttelle has overcome some quite severe health challenges, endured multiple procedures and been prescribed numerous pharmaceutical medications. Her journey to wellness finally began after one doctor recommended she swap out her regiment consisting of nine prescriptions for just one plant. Since Canada has federally legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, Chanttelle was able to safely begin her treatment and as a result, finally experience some relief from her symptoms and started to heal. It was through witnessing the power of this plant first-hand that she and her husband decided to invest in an industry that is actively contributing to its continued beneficial growth - LED lighting.

After a great deal of research on best practices for growing and recent innovations in LED technology, the Rusks' road to establishing their own cultivation facility led them to HLG and we’re so grateful that it did. If you're in Canada and interested in HLG lamps for your residential or commercial grow, @highpar_lights is a great way to go! No matter the size of your operation, @highpar_lights maintains a full stock of a variety of HLG lights in Canada ready for purchase at your convenience.

Warranty inquiries? @highpar_lights will see it through and ensure you are taken care of. When it comes to growing with Horticulture Lighting Group in the Great White North, @highpar_lights comes h i g h l y recommended.

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